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Resources for Kids and Young Adults

One in three people face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, meaning that millions of children are tasked each year to deal with the…

A Caregiver’s Story: The First Bike Ride

– by Dave CochranIt’s amazing how much dust can pile up on a bike while it’s waiting for you to get back on the road. Except for a few spins around the block, my bike has been waiting for over a year.

Why I Support Livestrong: Becky

Our family has been proud supporters of the Livestrong Foundation for many years. My mother died of cancer when I was 17, my father and mother-in-law are cancer survivors, my dear friend & maid-of

Nothing Can Prepare You For Cancer

Last year, cancer stole the most important person in my life, my wife, Judy.She had multiple myeloma, cancer of her blood plasma. Her early response to treatment was promising, but the disease ravaged


Taking care of a loved one can be a positive experience. For example, some people say that caregiving strengthened their relationship. But it can also be very stressful. Many caregivers say it often

Cancer Support Community: Your Role as a Caregiver

The ripples of a cancer diagnosis extend to spouses, partners, siblings, children and friends. Many of these family members will find they now need to take on the role of caregiver—something they have

Cancer Support Community - Remember Your Needs

It is not selfish to think about yourself. In fact, it is important that you do so. Caring for yourself is a necessary part of being a caregiver.

Cancer.net - How Caregivers Can Take Care of Themselves

One of the most important—but often forgotten—tasks for caregivers is caring for themselves. A caregiver's physical, emotional, and mental health is vital to the well-being of the person who has

Cancer.net - Caregiving at the Hospital

As a caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed by caring for someone at the hospital. In addition to compassion and concern for the person you care for, you may have stressful or negative feelings. You may

Cancer.net - Providing Care at Home

Home care involves professional health care and supportive services given at home for people who need help. A person may need home care during specific times to recover from surgery or a long hospital

Cancer.net - Tips for Caregiving

Caregiving often involves different types of support and tasks, which can be overwhelming. There are several ways to help manage all the duties of a caregiver to help you provide effective care.

Cancer.net - Young Adults Caring for a Parent with Cancer

If your parent has cancer, you may feel torn between establishing yourself in the world and helping your parent. Caregiving can be a rewarding way to reconnect with parents. It may also limit your

Cancer.org - When Your Child Has Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer in a child or teenager can be a devastating blow to parents and other family members who love the child. Cancer creates an instant crisis in the family. Here we provide