Livestrong Advocacy

Lend your voice, passion and experience to improve healthcare systems for people affected by cancer. We rely on passionate volunteers to help advance our policy platform.

Issues We Care About

Access to Care

Availability and Affordability of Innovations.

Patient-Centered Innovation

Engagement of survivors and caregivers in the development and implementation of treatment and support plans.

Government Funding

Adequate federal funding to our nation's leading research institutions


Sharing your cancer story with elected officials does make a difference. See examples of our recent advocacy actions below.

Highlights From Recent Initiatives

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Why I Advocate

"I thought I knew a lot about cancer, but all that changed when my mother was diagnosed. My mother’s fight made me realize that I needed share my story to advocate for better and more resources to support cancer survivors and their families."

Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, Livestrong Leader, OVAC Participant