Livestrong Solution Grants

Date active: 2019-present

The Livestrong Solution Grants program recognizes and funds organizations who are developing cutting edge, inventive, and sustainable solutions to overlooked cancer problems.

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Livestrong’s Mission

Every single day we ask ourselves --


Everyday cancer problems make life with cancer harder than it has to be but at Livestrong we strive continuously and relentlessly to solve those problems - not in five or ten years - but right now. And for good.

Livestrong's Purpose Statement

Living with cancer isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s the everyday cancer problems, like paying the bills or getting a good night’s sleep. The problems that simply don’t deserve to exist.

Settling for surviving isn’t good enough. It’s time to change how we help people live with cancer. Livestrong isn’t just about hope. Our legacy is more than a wristband. We are listeners, collaborators, and practical problem solvers improving the everyday lives of anyone dealing with cancer.

We are finding new solutions to old problems right now so we can fix them for good. We are dedicated to disruptive, energetic and breakthrough ideas designed to ensure that each and every cancer patient doesn’t just survive, they Livestrong.

Because if you’re living with cancer, you deserve more than just hope for a better tomorrow. You deserve a better today.

Focus Areas & Funding Priorities

Projects and organizations funded must directly align with Livestrong's mission and purpose. Livestrong focus areas and funding priorities include:

  • Post-treatment care
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Comprehensive quality of life services
  • Streamlining systems and care

More information about our focus areas can be viewed here.

Eligibility of Grantseekers

Organization Eligibility

  • Organizations are based in the U.S. with a valid Tax ID # and U.S. bank account.
  • Organizations must be doing business for at least one year (from Sept. 1, 2020) and be able to demonstrate how they currently generate impact.
  • Organizations are eligible to submit one application for each funding tier (i.e. Acceleration Grant and/or Transformation Grant) per funding cycle.
  • There are no restrictions for reapplication for both successful and unsuccessful grantseekers.

Project Eligibility

  • Projects must be aligned with the Livestrong mission, Livestrong purpose statement, and focus areas/funding priorities.
  • Projects must have measurable outcomes, and be sustainable for the duration of the grant.
  • Projects must not replicate existing Livestrong programs.

Livestrong Grants Does Not Support

  • Grants to individuals.
  • Projects outside the United States of America.
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes.
  • Candidates for political office or lobbying of any kind.
  • Event fundraisers or sponsorships.
  • Clinical research projects.
  • Endowments.
  • Debt reduction.
  • Organizations that discriminate in policy or in practice on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected classification.

Award Amounts & Key Dates

Livestrong Acceleration Grants

  • Several annual grants
  • Award amounts between

Livestrong Transformation Grants

  • Smaller number of multi-year grants
  • Total award amounts between
    $25,000–$100,000 per year

Livestrong Racial Equity Subgrant

  • $50,000 in funding, dedicated to finding lasting solutions that fill gaps and improve the cancer experience for Black Americans.
  • September 1, 2020

    Online application portal opens for all submissions.

  • October 16, 2020

    Deadline for submissions for expression of interest applications, via online portal.

  • November 9, 2020

    Online application portal opens for finalist application submissions.

  • December 7, 2020

    Deadline for submissions for finalist applications, via online portal.

  • January 11, 2021

    Grant recipients announced.

  • January 29, 2021

    Grant payments made.

  • February 1, 2021

    Project funding begins.

  • 9 Months Later

    Interim status reports due.

  • End of Project

    Project evaluation report due.

Grantseeker Application

All applications for funding must be submitted online, via the grants management platform. The application portal will open September 1-October 16, 2020.

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Applicant Information and Portal Demo Webinars

The webinar will review Livestrong's focus areas and funding priorities, types of awards, eligibility criteria, grant cycle timeframe and key dates, plus a portal demonstration of the submission system.

Register: Sep 16, 2020 11:00 AM CST

Register: Oct 9, 2020 02:00 PM CST

Livestrong at School Grant

Application Deadline: Oct 16, 2020

Apply Online

Livestrong at School was developed by the Livestrong Foundation staff and external consultants in response to a growing need to offer school teachers tools and resources to talk about cancer in their classrooms in an age appropriate and empowering manner.

Since its inception in 2008, over 3.8 million students have been reached by the program, with materials being downloaded over 128,000 times.

Livestrong is always looking for solutions. This is an opportunity for you to share with us how you could use the existing curriculum to increase impact and broaden its scale. For full details, please read the Call for Proposals.

Call for Proposals


Application Questions

2020 Solution Grant Winners

Our inaugural Solution Grants cycle was a resounding success and of the 231 applications received from 36 states, we have selected 8 formidable winners. We are eager and proud to help bring these cutting-edge and person-centered cancer solutions to life.

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Comedic Relief: Coping Through Comedy


Cancer is no laughing matter. Or is it? Dozens of young adult cancer survivors are discovering that laughter may be the best medicine yet for coping with their illness.

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts (Smith Center) is proud of its partnership with Livestrong to expand delivery of the successful Comedic Relief: Coping through Comedy program to all cancer survivors in the greater Washington, DC community.

The brainchild of Charity Sade, a comedian and young adult cancer survivor, Comedic Relief: Coping through Comedy is a six-week standup comedy and comedic storytelling workshop group offered to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and healthcare providers. The workshops provide a safe, creative environment for those touched by cancer to express themselves and find the humor surrounding difficulties in life and cancer. Initially created for young adult cancer survivors, the series includes a six-week writing and performance technique class with the opportunity to perform at a public showcase at the end of the series, plus twice monthly drop in comedy writing classes. Since being launched in 2019, demand for the program has been steadily growing, and so have their showcase audiences!

“We are thrilled to have the support of Livestrong as we expand this program across the DC cancer community,” detailed Smith Center’s Executive Director Lisa Simms Booth. “Laughter is a true superpower and its impact is evident in our program participants who channel their experiences into stand-up routines good enough for the late-night shows. It’s humor that creates a bridge which makes this life altering and isolating experience meaningful and provides a new way for connection. It is truly transformative. With this support, we can move beyond the young adult cancer community and reach all adults with cancer.”

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Comedic Relief: Coping Through Comedy

University of Michigan

Follow-up for HPV-related Oropharynx cancer Concentrated on Unequal Symptom change (FOCUS)


In partnership with Livestrong, a novel three-year pilot to decrease burdens on survivors of head and neck cancer has been initiated in the University of Michigan Departments of Otolaryngology and Radiation Oncology. This initiative aims to decrease the number of costly visits required after completion of treatment for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers and instead monitors patients remotely through monthly survivorship-focused electronic surveys. This pilot, initiated during the COVID pandemic, seeks to enroll 100 patients over one year, and follow them for two years. Researchers hope to show that the electronic surveys catch cancer recurrences with no delays to cancer care.

The potential benefits to patients with further investigation of this approach cannot be understated; this will allow patients to remotely connect with providers, avoid costly trips to specialized cancer doctors, and decrease discomfort and anxiety. The ability to ask patients detailed questions about their quality of life will ensure that providers are able to tailor post-treatment care to the specific issues that each patient is experiencing and will allow better characterization of the long-term effects of treatment.

This partnership with Livestrong will enable the pursuit of a truly novel approach to post-treatment care, with patient quality of life at the center of this approach. As centers around the nation continue to seek the best ways to follow patients with HPV-related cancers, this approach pioneered by the University of Michigan with Livestrong places an emphasis on quality of life as a means to not only detect cancer recurrences but to ensure that patients receive the best survivorship care possible.

University of Michigan

Follow-up for HPV-related Oropharynx cancer Concentrated on Unequal Symptom change (FOCUS)

Hopecam Inc.

Give Hope, Get Connected


Hopecam is honored to be a recipient of the Livestrong Solution Grant. Combining Livestrong's great presence in the caner community with Hopecam's unique use of modern technology, together they will be making a difference by giving a sense of normalcy to hundreds of children battling cancer every day. Hopecam overcomes the social isolation of children with cancer by connecting them to their friends and classrooms during treatment by providing laptops and tablets, web cameras and internet service, and by working with teachers to establish connections in their classrooms.

Founder Len Forkas explains, “15,780 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Nearly every one of these children will have to be isolated from their friends and unable to attend school as a result of their treatment. Today, thanks to the support of Livestrong, this isolation can be overcome by hundreds more children with cancer across the United States. With modern technology and coordination through families, teachers and healthcare providers, Hopecam links children with cancer to the lives they had before their diagnosis, acting as a bridge toward recovery.”

Hopecam, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has a simple yet life-saving mission: to reduce the loneliness felt by young cancer patients as they undergo treatment. The learning and laughter lift the spirits of these children and help them stay positive during a difficult time. We take pride in connecting over 2,500 children to 45,000 classmates in the U.S. 71% of the students helped by Hopecam attend Title 1 schools. Our goal is to transform the lives of many more children with cancer."

Hopecam Inc.

Give Hope, Get Connected

The Cure Starts Now Foundation

Monkey In My Chair


We have partnered with Livestrong to provide Monkey In My Chair kits to 200 children across the United States. Monkey In My Chair is a unique program that keeps children connected with their classmates while they are undergoing cancer treatment. These children are given a large stuffed monkey that can attend school while they are unable to. They also get a large backpack, journal, photo album, children's book, a teacher's companion and other items. The children's book is a way for the teacher to introduce the monkey to the classroom and open up a conversation about what the class might expect during their friend's time away. The teacher's companion is a resource guide for the teacher to use in the classroom.These Monkey In My Chair kits will be sent out to individuals and hospitals as they are requested. The impact of these 200 kits will be seen in classrooms all over the United States. Each classroom of children will benefit greatly from having this program as well as several other classrooms school-wide. The program provides an essential and positive way for the classroom to deal with having a classmate going through cancer. This program has become a vital part of many classrooms with children diagnosed with cancer.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation

Monkey In My Chair

The Pablove Foundation

National Pablove Shutterbugs Programs


Pablove Shutterbugs is a suite of photography education courses that meet kids at various stages of their cancer journeys, all at no cost to students and their families. The entry point is the five-week Introduction to Photography course where students learn key artistic concepts, followed by Shutterbugs Alumni Summer Camp and concluding with a more technical ten-week Advanced course in rotating cities. Shutterbugs programs are produced in conjunction with elite children’s hospitals and notable arts institutions, with classes held at venues such as Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The Huntington Library, Museum and Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Sawyer Yards in Houston.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, funding from Livestrong provides the catalyst for Pablove to develop activities to engage and nurture students’ creativity in the virtual realm with the launch of the virtual Shutterbugs class, providing this vital program to thousands of kids across the country each year. “The Pablove Foundation remained committed to improving the lives of kids with cancer. Our work did not stop,” Pablove CEO Kerstin Lynam elaborated, “This support from Livestrong provides the momentum to innovate how we deliver healing arts to kids who need it most."

The Pablove Foundation

National Pablove Shutterbugs Programs


Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training: Caring for Cancer Treatment Providers


Livestrong has partnered with VitalHearts: The Resiliency Training Initiative to provide Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training for cancer treatment providers in four USA hospitals. The training serves not cancer sufferers directly but the professionals who care for cancer sufferers. Delivering such care takes a huge emotional toll on those who provide treatment. The treatment of cancer sufferers multiplied case after case has the likely effect of traumatizing cancer care-providers and this, in turn, diminishes care effectiveness, creates compassion fatigue, and increases staff turnover. The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training, revitalizes, often saves careers of care-providers experiencing secondary traumatic stress.

VitalHearts instructed and certified a number of staff at the four hospitals to be future trainers of the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training. Each cancer treatment program then led the training under VitalHearts’ guidance. This means even as VitalHearts’ grant concludes, the hospitals will continue to offer the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training to their professional staff as part of a continuing staff resiliency program. Over 288,000 treatment sessions will be led next year by providers who participated in this training.

VitalHearts has offered the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training to health care and human service providers since 2008 and 95% of training participants report a significant decrease in their secondary traumatic stress reactions.

The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training honors professionals who dedicate their lives to serving cancer sufferers and survivors. Livestrong is thus in a unique position to serve cancer treatment providers in this way.

The Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training has crucial value for those affected by cancer. By creating more resilient treatment providers, it enables hospitals to better support staff, retain their expertise, and maintain treatment excellence which leads to better health outcomes.


Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training: Caring for Cancer Treatment Providers

B.I.G. Love Cancer Care

Weekly Wish List Program for End of Life Patients


B.I.G. Love Cancer Care announces the expansion of their Weekly Wish List program to include additional services to patients and families in “end of life” stages of care. The program expansion was made possible by Livestrong's Acceleration Grant program that supports non-profit organizations that go beyond cancer treatment and address the needs of the whole person.

Through this grant, B.I.G. Love Cancer Care will be a partner in that mission by providing support to children and their families during the most devastating time as they come to the end of their cancer journey.

"As a mother who has lost a child to cancer, I know far too well the helplessness and devastation families face during end of life care," said Jessica Phillips, founder of B.I.G. Love Cancer Care. “There are very little services and options for children dying from cancer. It is a very different journey than that of an adult, and we were at a complete loss as to how to best handle our last moments with Brooke.

"While we struggled through the worst days of our lives, we want to change that experience for other families by offering them the resources that were not available to us. There is so much that needs to change in our current system for children, but with the help of Livestrong, we can help families in their greatest time of need today."

B.I.G. Love Cancer Care

Weekly Wish List Program for End of Life Patients

Wonders & Worries

WonderTech: New tools that improve the scale and scope of care for families affected by cancer


WonderTech solutions fill a gap in the continuum of cancer care by providing tools that families, parents, and care providers can use to build a solid foundation of communication to successfully cope amidst the illness and stress of a cancer diagnosis. The tools leverage Wonders & Worries’ evidence-based curriculum and two decades of experience in the space. The Transformation Grant provided by Livestrong will allow the organization to introduce these solutions to market far more quickly and accelerate their availability to a national audience.

"We recognize the support we provide is needed much more broadly than we are currently able to offer it. As such, for the past several years we have been working very hard to scale our services in a way that makes them available to any family in need across the nation," said Alex Gabbi, Executive Director. "The Livestrong grant is truly transformational. With it, we will be able to scale our ability to help families directly and indirectly through clinical professionals at a pace that would otherwise not have been possible. We are excited to be able to impact exponentially more families in need as a result of Livestrong's generosity."

Wonders & Worries

WonderTech: New tools that improve the scale and scope of care for families affected by cancer

Livestrong Solution Series

A monthly interactive web-based series hosted and moderated by Livestrong. This series will facilitate collaborative discussions among LivestrongSolution Grant applicants all working on similar projects or with an aligned mission to collectively serve the cancer community.

Upcoming Events

The Solution Series webinars will be back in the new year, once we’ve completed the 2021 Solution Grants cycle. Past recordings of events can be viewed below. Please email us if you’d like to be considered as a panelist for future Solution Series.

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