Support Therapeutic Retreats for Women with Breast Cancer
Casting for Recovery
Casting for Recovery enhances the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing. The program offers opportunities for women to find inspiration, discover renewed energy for life, and experience healing connections with other women and nature. Started in 1996, Casting for Recovery currently serves over 700 women from across the United States each year. While women of all ages, sexual orientation, economic backgrounds, and stages of breast cancer treatment are supported, current funding will help ensure Casting for Recovery can address issues specifically experienced by women of color. Learn more about Casting for Recovery’s current Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative, and donate today to ensure equal access to services for all women affected by breast cancer.
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Empower Elderly Cancer Survivors Through Nutritional Education
Plant Powered Metro New York
Plant Powered Metro New York helps seniors live with dignity as they age by teaching them simple yet groundbreaking principles of plant-based, holistic nutrition. This grant will enable Plant Powered Metro New York to better serve elderly cancer survivors of color in NYC through the award-winning Food for Life nutrition curriculum. The program gives seniors access to educational resources, simple recipes, lifestyle skills, peer support, and mentorship to make daily food choices that dramatically reduce their risk of cancer recurrence and both treat and reverse other chronic conditions that often coexist with cancer. In partnership with JASA, a senior service agency that annually serves 40,000 seniors across New York City, Plant Powered Metro New York has the potential to bring widespread awareness of the power of food as medicine. Donate today to help us build a movement around healthy eating for seniors, and to lay a strong foundation for healthier, dignified aging. 
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Provide Black Women Natural-looking Wigs
Coils to Locs
Coils to Locs addresses a significant gap in the medical wig space for black women experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is devasting, and the side effects of chemotherapy-related hair loss compounds an already challenging life-changing event. For black women with cancer, walking into a cancer center boutique and not seeing wigs that look like your highly textured hair only adds insult to injury. Wigs for these women experiencing hair loss aren’t vanity purchases but are instead lifelines to a sense of normalcy that can help women maintain their dignity. Donating to this program will further help Coils to Locs end a healthcare disparity by directly supporting black chemotherapy hair loss patients who are seeking the curly, ethnically inspired wig styles that mimic the hair that they’ve lost.
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Provide One-on-one Support to Black Breast Cancer Survivors
The Breakfast Club
The Breast Health Buddy Program was developed to fill a gap in breast cancer care for lower-income black women in North St. Louis City and County. Disproportionally, these women face a greater burden of breast cancer incidence, obesity, and mortality. There is also a disparity in the number of African American women receiving timely breast cancer screenings and treatment. Through the Breast Health Buddy Program, women recently diagnosed with breast cancer receive one-on-one support from trained Buddies who help navigate the healthcare system, accompany women to treatments, and provide breast health education through literature and monthly support group meetings. Donating to the Breast Health Buddy Program will help expand the program’s impact to include an eight-week class focusing on lifestyle and nutritional education, offered through partnerships with the University of Missouri and Livestrong at the YMCA.
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Provide Rides to Treatments for Low-income Kids
Ride with Emilio
Ride With Emilio makes sure that low-income children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses are able to attend their life-saving treatment appointments on time, every time. Surveys conducted at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego showed that up to four children each week missed their life-saving cancer treatment simply because they could not get to the hospital. Children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses need safe, hygienic transportation in order to access essential care and cancer treatment as well as treatment for other life-threatening illnesses. Public transportation is dangerous for these children as even a common cold can be life threatening. Ride With Emilio’s shuttles undergo daily safety and hygiene checks to ensure all of their vehicles are suitable to transport vulnerable children. Transportation services are provided door to door, picking patients up at their place of residence and delivering them directly to the treatment facility with a return trip scheduled for later in the day. Ride With Emilio is designed to reach, engage and support the needs of low-income families that typically face challenges to navigating the health care system. Ride With Emilio provides materials in Spanish; maintains bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff; conducts on-site outreach; and provides close week-to-week coordination among families and provider staff. During the past 15 years of operations, missed appointments due to transportation issues have been virtually eliminated for participating families. Ride With Emilio needs additional funding to continue operating six program vans in San Diego, Orange and Imperial counties, traveling nearly 100,000 miles each year, to ensure that their 220+ patients can continue attending over 2,000 treatment appointments.
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Livestrong Solution Grants

The Livestrong Solution Grants Program discovers and funds innovative solutions that address current gaps in everyday cancer problems in underserved communities.

2021 Solution Grant Partners

In our second year of the Solution Grants Program, we’re funding solutions that solve everyday cancer problems for underserved Black Americans, children, and breast cancer survivors. New for 2021, we’re opening up crowdfunding for each of our Solution Grant Partners, and we need your help in fully-funding each of our five Solutions. Learn more about our 2021 Solutions, the current gaps in cancer care each addresses, and donate to help ensure all of our Solutions make an even greater impact on the lives of people affected by cancer.

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Solving Everyday Cancer Problems, Together

We started the Solution Grants Program to partner with organizations who are helping improve the quality of life for millions of people impacted by cancer.

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